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Teatro de Cartón Performs Know-Your-Rights Skits

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

From 2017 to 2018 the Department of Homeland Security of the Trump Administration ended the TPS (Temporary Protective Status) program for El Salvador, Honduras, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Sudan among other countries. Bay Area organizations like the TPS Committee for Permanent Residency Now-NorCal and the NorCal TPS Coalition have been fighting those policies that affect TPS holders. 

In response to these policies, the Teatro project has joined various community members and leaders to form the teatro popular “Teatro de Cartón,” as a way of creating know-your-rights skits that empower the TPS community and allies. 

Teatro de Cartón performed their original know-your-rights skits at the 2018 TPS Symposium at La Peña Cultural Center on April 28, 2018 and National Dia Del Salvadornx Festival in Oakland, California.

Participants at Oakland's Dia del Salvadorenx

Teatro de Carton Participants at the 2018 TPS Symposium

Learn more about the National TPS Alliance at

and Le Peña Cultural Center in Berkeley at and proyectolapeñ

Flyers by and

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